Intro network graph gifPolibook (Polibook.online) is a research tool developed to provide researchers with analytics of political discourse on Facebook. Polibook was announced in June 2017 in the Israel Conference for Peace in Tel Aviv. We created a presentation for this occasion.

Our client, The Open Media and Information Lab (OMILab) at the Open University of Israel, is an interdisciplinary center for research and for teaching in new media and related areas, such as big data, information science, network cultures and digital sociology. It was a pleasure to together tackle the task of making the researchers’ concepts explainable in a non-scientific conference.

Peace conference - long - if likes were votesMedia interest was high, and the launch was covered by print and online press. The presentation itself was used in a national TV interview with the researcher on the day of the conference.

Polibook Haaretz 2017-06-13 zoom2.png


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