I will animate your RTL text!

Fiverr embed

VideoScribe is my favorite tool for scribing. That said, its support of RTL languages can (and I’m quite sure, eventually will) be improved. So in recent years, I had to find workarounds for projects that included RTL text (Hebrew, and later Arabic too. )

I found a way to make Arabic scribe-able, too. My method is similar to the one shown in this sweet video released this week by Joe Clarke of Sparkol, the makers of VideoScribe.

The method works beautifully – but it requires some extra work with a vector drawing program such as Inkscape. An, it becomes a bit more time-consuming if you require the hand-and-pen movement to be perfect, frame by frame.  If you need Arabic (or Hebrew) text to be animated, check out my Fiverr gig, that i recently launched as a service to fellow animators.

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