Between Idea and Form

“Line illustrations, which served for many years as a tool for  for visual interpretation supporting the political center, became a tool for pushing the envelope of social consensus and displaying subversive content and critical commentary in the hands of illustrators such as Shimon Tzabar and later, Dudu Geva, Edo Amin, Zeev Engelmayer and others. Stretching the boundaries of social Batya Donnerand political legitimacy was a phenomenon that gained momentum beyond visual representation, and spread to the fields of journalism, literature, theatre, art and public protest movements. Visual representations of critique and subversive content began to accompany the publication of books, theatre plays and records as illustrators were joined by artists,  graphic designers, their potential spectrum of activity opening up to embrace wider interfaces between different cultural spheres and the audience.”

Batya Donner, “The History of Graphic Design in Israel / History of Graphic Design in Israel”, published by the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design (2017)

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