About Reliable

cropped-edo-amin-2015-square.jpgI’m Edo Amin, artist and producer of informational/educational media. “Amin” is Hebrew for “Reliable”, so my studio is named Reliable Productions.

I serve clients from the U.S., Europe and Israel. Recent ones come from big corporations (Google, HP), educational institutes (Center for Educational Technology, and a European university team), NGOs, and the arts (from a NYC theater production to indie musicians).

Over the past twenty years I have been illustrating, writing, composing, recording and editing in New York, San Francisco and now back in Tel Aviv.  My work has been  published, exhibited, reviewed, broadcast-ed and quoted.  I cherish the global spread of social media since its inception. Being one of Quora’s “Most Viewed Writer”s is a title dear to my heart.

Ever since “social” gave new meaning to video, much of my time is devoted to whiteboard animation (with occasional global recognition, as in “the future of content creation” by Variety magazine). Whiteboard animation softly mixes/remixes comic strip art with sound, rhythm and pace to convey thoughts and ideas. It utilizes – and sometimes even stretches – skills acquired in my former adventures: comics strip creation, print column writing, sound design, open source advocacy, management and development of online products. I just love digital arts; the more creative, informative and communicative they are — the merrier!

Email me, or follow me on Mastodon: @aminco@reshet.social or @aminco@tooot.im