2015 Could Charlie Hebdo have been published in Israel? an article in Ha’aretz haaretz-logo
2013-2015 Archive of Edo the Reliable’s blog at MindCET – an EdTech accelerator in the Center for Educational Technology – CET. logox2
2012  Aircraftcarrier – American ideas and Israei infrastructures after 1973, a project for the Israeli Pavilion at the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale (Hatje Cantz, Berin) included an article by Edo Amin.  aircraftcarrier
2013 Facebook isn’t Cool, in support of Günter Grass’ critique of the social network. In Ha’Aretz  haaretz-logo
2012 Exotic, on the politics of art in Gaza and in Israel, in the catalog for Zoo, a Malkit Shoshan exhibition in NAIM – Netherlands Architecture Institute, Maastricht
2011 Edo Amin’s mashup art cited in article on Israeli political art,  Arcadia – Internationale Zeitschrift für literarische Kulturperformance arts journal (Belgium)
2011 Illustrator and editor, 101 Things You Can Do With Old Newspapers, book, Kinneret, Tel Aviv, Israel
2005 Article on legal aspects of digital art in the anthology The Cathedral and The Bazaar, Tel Aviv, Israel  file_0_b
2003 Maps of Jerusalem (article with infographics), The State of Israel exhibit catalog, Biannual International Architecture Exhibition, Venice, Italy 
2002 Various illustrations republished in the anthology It’s All Lies, Underground Press and Posters – The Fusion of Creativity and Resistance in israel, David Massey (Editor), published by All Lies, Israel  all-lies
1996 Color Palettes in Computer Art, article in Mishkafayim, published by the Youth Wing of the
Israel Museum, Jerusalem

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