Let’s Upgrade Your Academic Presentation

Effective grant presentations, conference presentations, research presentations, even job interview presentations require professional design

Sisyphus and the Curse of the Pie Chart
Sisyphus and the Curse of the Pie Chart

p s3resentation design is sisyphic. Everybody wants their message to come off clearly, yet it’s easy to lose that elusive simplicity in the maze of presentation-software options. Unlike manuscript publishing, there’s no editor around to help you stylize, tighten and double-check your work. Your peers may, but would they survive as guinea pigs in repeated dry runs? When it comes to presentation design, you’re pretty much on your own.

It doesn’t have to be this way: through design, I will improve your slides and give them a coherent theme. I will regroup your slides, condense and polish them, tighten up their design, Photoshop the images and enhance their resolution, unify font styles and embed them in the presentation file, order the slides for optimal back-and-forth browsing, and add animated / interactive effects. Your content will look more current and up-to-date, will have better order and flow, and will support you when you deliver your message with ease – all while respecting academic conventions.

Amin_logo_business_face_red_trans karge 2015-7 copy
I’m a media designer specializing in audio, video, illustration and infographics. I advocate a pragmatic, functional approach to communication design. I’ve worked remotely with presentation authors from the EU, the US, and Israel (references). In over twenty years of digital media design I had the opportunity to create fun infographics for leading newspapers, illustrate schoolbooks and blogged in 
MindCET edu-tech. My Presentations were used in TV interviews with the authors/presenters. My whiteboard animation explainer video won the YouTube-sponsored Made for Web award

Send me your (PowerPoint, Google Slides or other format) visuals. A day of my work can make a difference for you presentation!

Send attachments to this email: edo.amin@gmail.com

Contact Me

Anat Ben-David
Head of Open Media and Information Lab (OMILab)
The Open University
Ophira Gamliel
Lecturer, Theology an Religious Studies
University of Glasgow, UK
and Research Associate,
ERC-funded Project JewsEast,
Center for Religious Studies (CERES)
Ruhr University Bochum,
Mayer Goldberg
Senior Lecturer
Department of Computer Science
Ben Gurion University
Shula Shilon
Wucailu Autism Research and Intervention Center

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