Published in PR Week book

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PR Week, a US publishing house respected in the PR industry, included my article “Explainer Videos, Explained: The Art and Craft of Telling Your Story with Visuals” in their $399 book “The Book of Content Marketing“.

Let me know if you’re interested, I’ll see if I can drop a word so you can get prix d’ami. A short quote:

Video-scribing is demonstrably viral. Case: Dan Pink’s TED lecture (USA) on “What Motivates Us” received 5 million views. But when Dan’s lecture was animated for the RSA Animate project (UK), the animated version gained over 9 million views.

Video-scribing’s rise is not a gimmick. It has solid cognitive principles backing it. It’s no coincidence that the leading video-scribing studio is called Cognitive Media. To begin with, we retain stuff better when ideas are presented to us with visual “pins” to hang our memory on. Also, while we’re listening to spoken words, our visual sense craves input – feeding it with visual candy will keep it from fidgeting, daydreaming and interrupting.

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